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Empowering Businesses with Advanced Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions for the Modern World

At CE Tech, we excel in harnessing the power of technology to address the nuanced needs of diverse sectors. Our profound expertise spans critical areas like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions, ensuring a robust foundation for your business's technological advancement.

Modernize Infrastructure with Next Generation Technology

Designing the right solutions, integrating them into your environment and optimizing their performance is the critical to ensuring success. CE Tech has the intelligence and experience needed to drive performance. 

  • Storage

  • Server

  • Compute

  • Converged and HCI

  • Software Defined Datacenter

  • Enterprise BU / BC / DR

Accelerate Your Journey
to the Cloud

Our Cloud Consulting practice brings proven perspective to our clients working to calibrate their technology-driven capabilities with the reality of how they do business. 

  • Public Cloud

  • On Prem

  • Hybrid Cloud

  • Data Migrations

  • Cloud Readiness Assessments

  • Architecture and Implementation

Secure Enterprise Networks and Minimize Business Risks

Nothing threatens your potential like a security breach, which is why CE Tech's Enterprise Networks and Security practice emphasizes prevention. We collaborate with our clients to bring their information security position into full focus then prioritize reducing their risk. ​

  • Software Defined Network

  • Next Gen Firewalls

  • Wireless Networks

  • Perimeter (SD-WAN)

  • App Dev Security 

  • Switching and Routing

  • Email Security

  • Mobile Device Security 

Enhance Collaboration and
Optimize the End User

With results-oriented, straightforward, and scalable solutions, CE Tech ensures you’re in

control of how your organization interfaces with the various members of your world. Properly

implemented, the right collaboration tools can meaningfully improve everything—customer relationships, speed to market, and ultimately, your bottom line. 

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Virtual Desktop

  • Application Delivery

  • OS Rollouts and Upgrades

  • M365 Services

Design Custom Voice and Data Solutions

AI Icon 7.jpeg

AI and Digital Automation Services

Voice and data services are more critical to IT than ever before and integral to a cloud migration strategy. We take a holistic view of your environment and apply a unique process to ensure an optimal solution that aligns with the business requirements while driving cost efficiencies. With access to all major providers, we help you clarify an ever-changing marketplace. ​

  • Build from a foundation with a No-Risk Voice and Data Assessment 

  • SD-WAN 

  • UCaaS/CCaaS (including MS Teams)

  • Collaboration

  • Mobility Management

  • Internet Access (Dedicated/Broadband)

  • Fax Solutions

  • Consolidated Billing

  • Proactive Account Management  

AI & Digital Automation services are essential to the success of a business. Given the complex marketplace, the breadth of use cases, and the myriad of vendors in the space, we guide clients to clarify the solutions and vendors, saving time and effort in the evaluation process. Give your company the edge that it needs to thrive.

  • Consultative and streamlined market evaluations

  • Documented requirement-based solutions

  • TCO/ROI models

  • Vendor management

  • IT expertise across the technology stack

Imagine. Implement. Acheive.

Committed to sustainable and future-proof strategies, we prioritize resilience and adaptability in our solutions. Our collaborative problem-solving approach is designed to align closely with your objectives, fostering a partnership that propels your organization toward transformative success. Trust CE Tech to be your dynamic ally in navigating the technology landscape.

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